After care

Once your driveway is completed you may walk on it immediately but please keep vehicle traffic off it for at least 7 full days. It is also advisable not to turn your vehicle’s wheels sharply or accelerate quickly; doing this may cause the surface to ‘pick out’.

It is advisable that during the first 6-12 months while your driveway is curing to try not to park in the same spot every time.

If you are going to store a vehicle, such as a campervan, on your driveway for extended periods of time it is best to place pieces of ply under each wheel. The same goes when using car ramps, jacks or anything similar.

Due to the nature of asphalt, even after it has cured (6 – 12months) do not expect it to be as hard as concrete. Asphalt will soften and harden due to changes in temperature.

Don’t despair if you do make an indentation in the surface, the malleable nature of asphalt means we can come out and fix it up in no time.